Plan Your Novel Before You Write it

Do you like plotting your story before you write it?

I don’t! That is, I don’t like the sound of “plotting.” Sounds so boring and feels heavy.

But I learned that if I didn’t know where I was going in the story — my end point, the conclusion — and even in a scene, then I couldn’t write.

Now, I know there are writers out there that love to not know where they are going before they write.

I’m not one of them.

I learned I needed a general idea of my destination. I realized I needed a road map with plenty of room for side trips.

So over the years, I created tools that helped me plan without that heavy dull feeling, ways to feed my creative fire without feeling boxed in, and most importantly, guidelines that kept me moving forward and writing with excitement.

Thus was born my Plan Your Novel course we teach each October. (Enrollment for that coming soon!)

In October, we teach a full, 17+ lesson course, with live calls and an active private community.

But I realized I needed to create the appetizer before the meal, so recently created the mini-course. Hope it’s tasty!

This mini-course is designed to give people a useful peek of how we roll at Barany School of Fiction — our teaching and coaching approach and content — and introduce them to the live October class on the same topic. It’s a condensed version of the whole course, “30-Day Writing Challenge to Plan Your Novel” that is now a homestudy course, and once (or twice) a year as a live course.

So, if you need a jumpstart on starting your novel or you’ve been wanting to start, or you’re just curious and want a refresher, then join us in the Plan Your Novel mini-course.

See you there!

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Plan Your Novel 30-Day Writing Challenge, starts October 1st


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Plan Your Novel 30-Day Writing Challenge, starts October 1st

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