Book Marketing Resources for the Beginning Novelist by Beth Barany

3 Tips for your book marketing for beginning novelists

Check out these Writer’s Fun Zone resources — free mini-lessons — for the beginning novelist.

  • For your author branding, write your Clear Message and share it. Here’s my post on that: how to write your Clear Message. If you’re courageous, post your clear message in the blog comments and I’ll comment on it!
  • For your story, draft short marketing pitches that you will be able to use during in-person networking, online, and in print marketing. Ezra Barany, my husband — also a novelist and writing teacher in my business — wrote this post in his fun way, after people complimented him on how well he hand sold his books at a local book fair. How to Write the Perfect Pitch to Sell Your Novel In Person. (You’ll see a summary of Clear Message here too!)
  • If you’re already published, then it’s time to request reviews. Here’s Ezra’s article on how he goes about getting reviews. How to Write and Get Great Reviews — With Examples of a Book Review
  • What is your biggest book marketing challenge now?


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