Shy & with a Big Vision, is this You too? Video by Beth Barany

Beth Barany, Novelists & Creativity Coach for Writers

On being shy AND having a big vision for my life

New series! I am committing to sharing a weekly video for the next while, at least for the month of August, where I practice in the real world, sharing with you my journey as a creative entrepreneur.

It is both a big risk and a big dream to be visible and be seen.

So watch my second in the series where I share about why I’m doing these videos and how I’m bringing together my shy side and my big vision.

Video/audio length: 4:20. (4 minutes, 20 seconds)

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What is your big vision?

Are you shy? What is your big vision for your life? Do you struggle with these seeming opposites?

I’m curious to hear your response to this video or the previous one here. Respond on this post or on Google+.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your gifts with the world through writing!