Giveaways are a fun book marketing tool

Beth Barany, excited about her July 2014 giveaways!

Beth Barany, excited about her July 2014 giveaways!

That’s me excited about the giveaways I’m running right now! More about giveaways and how they can help you market and sell your books below.

Here at Writer’s Fun Zone and the accompanying newsletter, Creativity Sparks, we focus on creating and publishing fiction and sharing it with the world.

Because when we travel into a novel we can come back home to ourselves.

Because novels are our gift to the world.

I’m passionate about helping authors bring their gifts out into the world.

I’m guessing that you write fiction to be read. I’m also guessing that you’d like to get your books into the hands of as many readers as possible, and have lots of books sales.

Let’s talk about giveaways — a great way to bring your audience toward you and learn about your gifts — your book(s). Will giveaways generate sales? Possibly. But there is no guarantee.

One thing I do know is that if no one knows about you, how can they buy your book?

A giveaway is just as the word says — you’re giving something away.

Now why would you want to do that?

Because people like to get free things and people especially love to win things!

Don’t you like to win things?

I like giving away things that relate directly to my books. I want people I attract to stick around because they like what I have to offer — my adventurous magical romance and YA fantasy. Essentially, I’m looking for a match — for people to be happy and excited that they have found me. I want them to think, “I’m so glad I found Beth Barany’s books!” Ultimately, I want them to take action, either to friend and/or follow me and also to buy my books.

What do you want your ideal readers to think, feel, and do when they discover you?

3 Tips on Doing Book Giveaways by Beth Barany at

3 Tips on Doing Book Giveaways by Beth Barany at


Here’s a few of my past and current giveaways that show how I’m giving something away that relates directly to my books.

For example, in a recent giveaway I just ended featuring young adult fantasy novel Henrietta and the Dragon Stone, I gave away 1 necklace and 1 bracelet that resemble the dragon stone.

In another example, I’m giving away 10 copies of my sweet paranormal romance novella, Christmas Fling, during the Christmas in July Blog Hop & Giveaway.

Though I have done so in the past, I don’t like to give away gift cards anymore, especially because I have heard from other authors that Amazon will delete a review by someone who has purchased your book with a gift card you gave them. Click here for more examples of giveaways I’ve done.

What can you give away? And how can you do it?

You can give away signed print editions of your books, other people’s books related to yours, and other tchotchkes.

I recommend using online tool, as a way to run giveaways online. This tool allows you to grow your social media platform and systematizes it for you. We like that! Yah!

Because I like trying new things, I’m also running a special giveaway for my services. You can enter to win a one-hour coaching session with me here.

Also check out how I run it and adapt any of these examples for yourself.

Post your questions about doing giveaways on Facebook. Or reply to this newsletter with your questions.

Another way to see if you’d like to get support from me: You can also schedule a Discovery session…

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That's me excited about the giveaways!

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