Editor In Desperate Need, Please Send Erotica and Romance

Welcome to a guest post from acquisitions editor for Damnation Books and Eternal Press and author, Erin Lale. Her latest book is How to Turn Your Fan Fiction into a Novel.


Reading the slush pile for two sister publishing imprints which both publish genre novels, I’ve discovered one of the lesser known secrets for getting your novel published.

Most writers are told “write the book you want to read.”

That’s a nice idea, especially to help a beginner develop a quality book, but if you want to get published and make money, write the book that’s in low supply.

Writing is a business, and as with any business, it’s easier to sell a product in low supply than one in high supply.

That means you should consider writing romances and erotica.

As a reader, my favorite genre is science fiction. I love the otherness, the originality of sf, the surprise of finding thoughts I haven’t thought before.

As an acquisitions editor, though, I know that science fiction is not as big a market as romance, and that the biggest market without science fiction actually is romance, the “paranormal romance” that took over the urban fantasy genre, edging less romantic titles off the shelves.

I receive more good science fiction novels in my inbox than I can publish. There is tremendous competition for the few slots in the publishing schedule that I can offer.

I don’t receive nearly enough contemporary romance, historical romance, erotic romance, or erotica.

Almost any competently written book in those genres that isn’t offensive or full of eye-rolling stereotypes will get published.

For your romances and erotica with a happy ending, send to:

Eternal Press  http://www.eternalpress.biz/submissions.php



For your dark erotica, with or without a happy ending, send to:

Damnation Books  http://www.damnationbooks.com/submissions.php




Erin Lale is the Acquisitions Editor at Damnation Books and Eternal Press, Editor and Publisher of Time Yarns, and an extensively published author. You can contact Erin via Linkedin or via her Yahoo Group

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