#Occupy Your Life

I sit here writing.
I occupy my chair.
I occupy my mind, my heart, my body.
I occupy a place on this planet.
What I say, do, express to others, impacts them.
My intention for myself and my business impacts the world.
How I spend my money, how I spend my time, where I put my attention, and where I don’t, all have an impact.

We can occupy the streets.
We can occupy the hearts and minds of our readers as authors.

As leaders, we can show the way by being responsible and by taking charge of our lives.
We can occupy the social space and ask for help and give help.
We can care.
We can connect.
We can make a difference.

We occupy.

We are here.

Where are you?

What are you occupying?

How are you occupying your life?

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  • Joie Seldon says:

    Love your question: How are you occupying your life? We are in a major transformational time in the world, and becoming more conscious is what it’s all about. Taking responsibility for one’s life is our greatest task, and at the heart of each person’s purpose. Thanks for making me think more deeply about what I’m doing with my life – not the big picture, I have that – but in my moment to moment daily existence.

  • Beth Barany says:

    Thanks Joie! Your words mean a lot to me, as I have learned so much from you!

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