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Time Management – How to Eek Out More Time by Chloe Adler

I wrote one blog on the tools one can use for productivity before at and all of those tools still stand. They’re all great. What I found was that I used too many at once and that didn’t end up working well for me as I spent more time inputting and checking off than was necessary.

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A Sensory Awakening Game By Wyatt G. Bessing

“…the bearded merchants in furred robes conversing quietly as they picked their way along the slimy stones above the water, the fishermen unloading their catch, coopers pounding and shipmakers hammering and clamsellers singing and shipmasters bellowing, and beyond all the silent, shining bay.”


Ignore the Fear and Write! by Jami Gray

We all face it, that frightening moment when our flying fingers pause mid-motion over the keyboard. Wait, was that the wrong tense? Did I say that before? Is that a realistic reaction from my character? Oh pink elephants, that’s too predictable!


Choosing Your Publishing Path by Jami Gray

You’ve finished your first novel, sent it through the wringer of your critique group or chosen beta readers, and tweaked it again and again. Nerves rioting, you’ve decided set it free into the reading world. You’re standing in the open doorway and the paths before you are numerous. You notice a passing author out for a stroll with their third, or was it tenth, book at their side. You clear your throat and timidly ask, “Which road is the one to Publication City?”


Hook Readers with Specific Characterizations by Kay Keppler

According to story consultant Michael Hauge, your job as a storyteller is to create images. Your readers, viewers, or listeners want to picture who is doing what. To succeed at that, all the elements of your story need to be clear and vivid. However, some writers have trouble developing unique characters that jump off the page.


Hooking Your Reader by Carol Malone

This material first appeared as a course within the Group Coaching Program for Novelists where Carol is an assistant mentor. Click here http://coaching.bethbarany.com/ for more information about the program where we help novelists write, edit,...