Fun with Focus: How to Get Work Done in An Ultra Busy World

Play by Dr. Stuart Brown“Of all the animal species, humans are the biggest players of all.”–The Promise of Play by Dr. Stuart Brown with Christopher Vaughan

What is fun for you? Often artists think of the moments when they are totally lost in their art, where the sense of self disappears, and what only exists is the creative thing itself: the story, the painting, the movement, the song.

What you have here is 100% of our focus on your art.

The trick is getting to that place despite your ultra busy lives.

Why? Because you want to create more, not less, and to create with that focus and joy.

For artists, creating your art is the ultimate form of play. Remember?

But what if play were gone from our lives? Then gone would be games, art, movies, books, dance, jokes, flirting, maybe even smiling.

If we’re not tapped into what’s fun for us as artists, then our lives fall flat; the song goes out of our hearts.

As Dr. Brown says, play is our oxygen. Essential, and not noticed until it’s gone.

So my question for you is what does it feel like to be in that place of play and fun with your art?

Imagine it.

Capture that sensation through your art.

If you’re a writer, write that down.

For visual artists, create it through color or shape or texture.

For movement artist, create the feeling of being blissful, in full fun with your art, through your movement.

Now that you have evoked fun in your art, what is the one thing you can do to touch that place each time you sit down to do your art, your work?

Pick one thing and play with that for a few weeks. Integrate it and hold it in your heart each day.

Let us know how it goes for you!

c.2010 Beth Barany

Certified Creativity Coach, Beth Barany works with authors, speakers, coaches and consultants who are having the challenge of being scared about sales. She helps them actually complete their books and get more visibility and sales with ease.

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(Adapted from an article that first appeared in the June 2010 issue of the Creativity Coaching Association newsletter.)

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