Getting Published is Easy: 8 Things You Need to Know to Get Published

Original published Thursday, Sept. 24, 2009 in The National Networker, the national newsletter that’s all about making networking work for you!


Get Published Now
with Beth Barany

Often people think that getting published is about getting noticed. But actually getting published is about relationships, relationship with yourself and with your readers. Lots of readers.

Did you know that a book is a dialog you have with yourself and your readers? An exchange. A meeting of minds. A conversation.

Answer these questions for your nonfiction message to uncover your relationships waiting to blossom.

Know What Your Book is About
What message are you passionate about bringing to the world?
List 5-12 points. Less than 5 and you may not have a book, but a guide, or series of articles. More than 12 points and you probably have more than one book.

Know Who Benefits From Your Book
Who can benefit from your message?
Be specific. Your audience isn’t everybody. Get real. Appealing to everybody is appealing to nobody. Sound familiar? List your audience’s demographics (age, salary, job title, residence, etc) and psychographics (attitudes, beliefs, likes, dislikes, etc.).

Know How Your Book Will Help Others
How will your book help your audience? How will your book benefit them?
List the results they will receive and/or the experience they will have from reading your book. Yes, be specific.

Know Yourself
How are you the right person to bring this message to your audience?
List your experiences, knowledge, know-how, and personality traits. Brag. This is the place.

Know How You’re Unique
How are your points and approach different from other authors and books out there?
Find this out by doing the research. Research your competitors and companion books. Some books will complement yours while other books will seem to compete. Operative word: seem. Know their unique selling points. Make your book different and find a way to stand out from the crowd.

Know Why You Want to Write and Publish this Book
What motivates you? What are you passionate about?
Describe the experience you want your reader to have. It’s probably what you want for yourself.

Know the Big Picture
How does this book fit into your personal and professional life?

Know Your Blind Spots
What stops you from moving forward on getting your book done and out into the world?
Clarify your weaknesses and get support. Get educated. Get writing.

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