What’s Your Passion

Leo on Beths desk

Leo on Beth's desk

Passion is the foundation of life.

— Unknown

Tell me, what’s your passion?

As a writer – you are ALL writers in my book –, I ask you to delve deep down and answer this question as honestly as you can. Include anything that is considered odd, weird, or poorly understood by those around you. No limits on the answer. You have total permission to be yourself and play here. There are no right answers only your answer.

Why is it important to know what you’re passionate about? Because that’s where your stories are, that is where you heart is, and that is where your fuel for writing resides.

For example, I love movies. I love watching movies, I love listening to the extras on DVD, and I especially love hearing how films are made because I want to make movies. So, I educate myself, ask questions to industry professionals, and gab with other independent filmmakers. I already consider myself an independent filmmaker even though I’ve only just started making my first 3-minute slide show.

Tell us, what’s your passion? Writing related or, I challenge you to share it with us here!

Another example: I love cats. Today I finally searched wikipedia for types and breeds of cats to determine what breed one of my cats is part of. Leo has huge ears, long white whiskers, and when he’s on the attack mode his fur ridges up down the middle of his back. I’d never seen this before. When my other cat, a small black cat, is angry all of her fur spikes out, more porcupine-like. I think Leo’s part Abyssinian: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abyssinian_(cat). )

How do my passions inform my writing? As I fill my subconscious with fun facts and trivia that excites me, I see attention to detail (caring about the names of things, like cat breeds) and awareness of the complex creation of craft (like in movie making) seeps naturally into my fiction and nonfiction writing. Cool! This seeping in process is natural, easy, like breathing. I trust that it is happening. My only job is to drink in that which I’m passionate about, then show up to the page to write. That’s your job too!

Happy Writing!

by Beth Barany

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