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Q&A with Hayley of Hayley’s Reviews, a YA Book Blogger

My name is Hayley Guertin, and I live in Ontario, Canada with my mom and my dog Jax. I got into reading when I was 10, and even before that, I used to pick books over toys anytime. My hobbies include listening to music and working on reviews. (I feel like I’m on a dating website.)

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How to Make a Great Book Trailer – Part 1 of 4

Many authors think the book trailer needs to show what your story’s about. The reality is that no one cares what your story’s about. They only care what experience your book will deliver. Too many book trailers I’ve seen spend the whole time showing the back cover blurb instead of expressing the emotional experience their book conveys. This is a series of articles on how to make a book trailer. Not just any book trailer, but a great book trailer!


Social Networking Tips for Authors #9: Have Fun!

Authors, writers, if you’re not having fun, why use social media? But don’t let the learning curve get in your way. Not knowing how to do something is no excuse! So dive into Twitter or Facebook or making video or podcasting. You’ll find out which one you like by trying it, by yes actually doing it!