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Ten Minute Trick Pony by Catharine Bramkamp

Many authors and students have difficulty starting their projects. For students, often the problem is they aren’t terribly inspired by the topic. I don’t blame them for feeling stuck. It’s difficult find motivation in broad topics like, say, global warming. Once you’ve created a slide showing that poor polar bear swimming in the melted waters of the Arctic, there isn’t much else to say.


Interview with Writing Coach, Beth Barany by Sapphire Stone

As a college student, I was asked to interview someone in a career I am interested in for my College Success class. My career interests include becoming a book editor/writer, and the first person I thought of to interview was Beth. I had previously worked with Beth on my dark urban fantasy novel and was greatly impressed with Beth’s experience, level of professionalism, and passion for writing. I knew she would be the perfect person to interview for my assignment.


Writing to Make a Difference: Indie Author Interview with Dalya Massachi

Welcome to today’s guest, Dalya Massachi, author of Writing to Make a Difference. Dayla has a passion for working with nonprofits, helping them raise money and get the word out about their causes. She specializes in helping social change professionals advance their missions through outstanding marketing and other written materials.

Writing Snappy Dialogue 16

Writing Snappy Dialogue

The best snappy dialogue that comes to my mind is from the movies of the 30’s and 40’s, think Kathryn Hepburn, and Cary Grant. These are the two actors who I think of as the King and Queen of snappy dialogue.