What’s Your Focus + Your Passion in Your Novel Writing? by Beth Barany

What's Your Focus + Your Passion in Your Novel Writing-For the last five weeks, I’ve felt like I was in the middle of something, as if I was unfinished. It made me a bit uncomfortable, but I was also satisfied to be “in play.”

I was writing a new romance novella.

Today a weight lifted off me. I finished the first draft of my next story in my Touchstone Series, A Cupcake Christmas (#5) (working title).

Now, the real work begins — the editing. I look forward to it!

I know my clients do too. I was talking to one of my clients today and he said that he was so happy to have finished his first draft — over 100,000 words! — and to be focusing on his edits.

>He got back my edits on his first chapter today and said, “Wow! Reading your edits is like getting an MFA.”

All this to say, I know my stuff. And love helping authors write, polish, publish their novels. If you’d like to discuss how I can help you, you can set up a complimentary Discovery call here.

I write because I love creating stories.

I coach because I love helping writers get their stories out of their heads and onto the page, polished, and then published and shared with the world.

I love what happens when I step into a story as a reader and come out the other side a changed person, and more of myself.

I believe reading helps us know ourselves better. And I’m passionate about that too: self-awareness, self-knowledge, and self-compassion.

I’m also passionate about stretching the edges, adventuring into the new, finding new parts of myself out there at the edges. I’m curious, I roam, I reach for what’s out there.

Now your turn…

What is your passion + focus in your writing and in your life? What are you passionate about?

Focus on it and act on it. And if you’d like help with that, let me know. Perhaps I am just the support you need to get your stories out into the world.

Comment below and let me know what your passion and focus is. I’m always interested in hearing from you!

All my best,


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