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Writers, Balancing Act: Learning vs. Doing, by Carol Malone

I’ve been stuck in my writing of late and I started wondering about my goals. Though I want to be a bestselling author and made every plan and goal in my mind to do so, something is holding me back. Maybe my goal isn’t big enough. Or maybe, something in my thinking went haywire and I started believing that I needed to read or study every word on the subject of writing before I could write another word.


Stop Thinking About Your Goals and Do Something! Active Practice vs. Passive Learning by Carol Malone

Back in my early adulthood, I sat in a workshop where the instructor beat us over the head about setting goals. Right now I can’t remember much of what he said, but I do remember I thought long and hard about goal setting, but not so much about how I might actually reach a goal. I don’t remember the instructor teaching us the practical steps of working at a goal.


So Forget About Passion. And While You’re at it, Forget About Goals, Too. by Carol Malone

I’ve been talking about goals a lot lately and their importance to us as writers. In last month’s WFZ article, I mentioned how amateurs are different from professional writers in that they show up and do the hard work required of them every day, even if they experience boredom. This time, I want to discuss the importance of actually accomplishing something, whether it be in writing or in life.


Motivation vs. Habit by Carol Malone

Does the word “goal” send you into a panic? It does me. A man whose blog I follow religiously told of a motto hung above the door of his gym. It read, “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit keeps you going.” I believe Jim Ryan was attributed with saying that. Great thought, don’t you think?