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A Year to Publication Column: Writing a Holiday Romance by Jennifer Snow

Beautifully crafted holiday romance stories have always been my favourite novels to read: not only during the holiday season, but all year round. I’ve discovered that I’m not alone. Readers worldwide enjoy ‘love under the mistletoe’ stories that evoke sincere emotions and reflect family, heart and home. As writers, we play a part in enhancing the holidays for our readers by taking elements that may not be as magical in real life and making them sparkle on the pages.


A Year to Publication: Creating your Writing Space & Sticking to a Schedule by Jennifer Snow

When I quit a day job last January to write full-time, it was a challenge, at first, to focus writing at home. Up until that point, my writing sessions had been on coffee breaks, sitting outside at a picnic table, or scribbling furiously with a notebook pressed up against my steering wheel while waiting in a drive-thru line or secretly in a bathroom stall whenever inspiration hit in the middle of an important meeting. 🙂


A Year To Publication: Avoiding a Saggy Middle in Your Novel by Jennifer Snow

‘Yay, no saggy middle issue’, the words every author hopes to hear from their editors upon receiving revision notes. But how do we avoid it when we have three hundred pages to fill? Believe me, I feel the pain of that middle section of every book I write, just like everyone else…I’ve just learned a few techniques to ‘get around it’. At every writing conference I attend, I always choose to sit in on the workshops that tackle this issue and the following are various tips I’ve found to be the most helpful.


The Three-Part Plot by Jennifer Snow (A Year To Publication column)

Writing a 90k word novel can be a daunting task for any writer-new or established, but thinking about the work in progress in smaller pieces/stages can often help eliminate some anxiety and provide a loose outline to work with. I like to think of my stories as a three-part play-The Problem, The Middle Action, and The Resolution.