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Two Projects at Once by Raina Schell

Are you trying to edit one novel while writing another? This is what many writers find themselves having to do. Maybe you recently finished a novel, during NaNo perhaps. Or you wrote one awhile back and shelved it. Regardless, unless you edit that manuscript several times over it won’t be ready for prime time.


When It All Turns Bad by Jami Gray

In January I started a new series project. This time I did it right. During my writing career I’ve morphed from a complete pantser (one who dives in with no set plan) to an assisted pantser (one who must have significant sign posts to complete the story journey safely). With my first series, The Kyn Kronicles,


Editing on The Go by Tiffany Turpin Johnson

A few months back, I posted a column that outlined an efficient way to write your entire novel on your iPad or iPhone. But writing a novel is more than just stringing words together on your device. Eventually you’ll have to edit those words. And then edit them again. And again.


3 Steps to a Good Book Title That Sells

Welcome to our weekly guest column by Ezra Barany, the Book Mentor and author of the bestselling novel The Torah Codes. He offers indie novelists important tips, entirely under our control, to help our books be discovered by readers all over the world. This week he focuses on the three elements of a good book title that will help your book sell.


5 Tools to Get Your Novel Done

Many people think getting their novel done is all about having a cat do all the work for them, but actually cats have more writing handicaps than people realize. In this video you’ll learn...


Featured Indie Author/Artist: Ren Black

Welcome to Indie Author Monday. Today we feature an interview with fantasy artist and author Ren Black. I love her chutzpah and guts! I for one look forward to reading her fantasy novel. Enjoy!...