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Happy Merry! Smashwords End of Year Sale

Hankering for adventure, romance, or thrills? Or help as a writer? Then check out our books on sale at Smashwords for their end of year sale. At one minute past midnight Pacific time on December...


VIDEO: Movie Trailer for Hanna

Kick ass heroine. Wild child. Trained assassin for a purpose. I choose this week’s video because it intrigues me and because I want to see how this powerful girl-woman is portrayed. I’m glad we’re...


Who Loves Xena Warrior Princess? I Do!

I just love Xena’s joy, glee and grit. I love her toughness, and also her sad heart. Love Gabrielle and the jester too. Little know fact: the jester in Xena inspired my character, Jaxter,...


Beautiful YA Fantasy Covers

Welcome to the Wednesday series on Fans of Fantasy and Science Fiction. I’ll just come right out and say it! {I’m getting used to saying it!} I’m releasing my YA fantasy at the end...