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The New Countdown by Nevada McPherson

Now that the New Year has begun, I, like many of you, am focused on completing unfinished projects and starting some new ones. I’m nearing the end of Part 2 of my latest graphic novel but the end seems to be taking forever!


Accountability Using Google Spreadsheets by Raina Schell

A few months ago I decided on an exercise challenge. After two years of bi-weekly handstand classes I still could not balance on my own in the center of the room. After asking experts I was told, “you need to practice every single day no matter what, for a minimum of two minutes a day. If you do this, in six months to a year you’ll have your handstands.”


Deadlines Are Your Friend

Today I want to talk about deadlines and how they are your friend. Or would that be friends? The power of this November during Nanowrimo lies in that it’s a deadline, and a collective...