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Is Time Travel Science Fiction?

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy this post from one of our monthly columnist, Bobbye Terry. *** Is Time Travel Science Fiction? Not too long ago, the owner of one of my listservs asked this question: is...


Cyberpunk Romance—A Trend

Welcome to Writing Craft Thursdays. This week we welcome back a regular guest columnist at Writer’s Fun Zone, author Bobbye Terry. Bobbye shares with us a growing trend in fiction, cyberpunk romance. ^*^ “I have...


Axing The Backstory

Welcome back guest columnist, Bobbye Terry, as she reveals why we need to axe our backstory. What do you think about backstory? ^*^ Ah, a round of applause for the backstory, all of that information that...


Having Vision

What would it feel like if suddenly you couldn’t see? How would you know where you were going and which way was the right way? Sure those who are blind learn to adapt to the loss of vision, but they adapt by replacing the visual cues with other ones that become, in essence, their new eyes.


Thinking Outside the Box

Welcome to our bi-weekly posts from guest columnist, Bobbye Terry. This week she offers fun tips for thinking outside the box. We’re curious to hear your tips too! Share your thoughts with us! Thanks!...


Being Prolific

Hello, wonderful readers. It’s my turn once again to speak about what’s on my mind about the writing craft and the secret to productivity. To me, being prolific is like a runaway train that still knows where the station is. It may be going at breakneck speed but it’s on a set of rails and it knows where to stop.


CRAFT: The Art of Mixing Humor and Suspense

Welcome to the another article in the Craft series, this one by Bobbye Terry, a frequent guest columnist at the Writer’s Fun Zone. // “Mixing humor with suspense?” you ask. “Surely you jest.” No, I don’t. For one of the few times in print, I’m completely serious.