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Contest Deadline Tonight!

Tonight — 11:59pm Pacific — is the deadline for the 1st Chapter Genre Contest. All the details here: http://www.writersfunzone.com/blog/2017-genre-chapter-contest/. Good luck! Needs tips for editing your entry? Then check out “7 Tips for Paragraph Revision: Getting...


Submit to a Writing Contest and/or be a Judge by Raina Schell

When I was brand spanking new to novel writing I entered a local writing contest. Looking back I realize I entered for the wrong reasons. I wanted to win. I wanted a pat on the back. I thought that everyone who read my entry would Oooo and Ahhh. After all, it was a scene I had worked on for years and I thought it was really good. What constituted “really good” for me and now are two different things.


Enter this Genre Fiction Contest + Win Prizes

Hello everyone, It’s that time of the year again: It’s time to ENTER THE LITERARY CONTESTS AT THE SAN MATEO COUNTY FAIR! There are various categories for different types of writing: publisher’s choice novel,...


Writing Romance is a Different Animal by Carol Malone

All fiction genres have plots. A story needs a story-line, something that pushes the characters from page one to the end. When we look at a mystery, we want to see how the main character is going to solve the mystery and save themselves and probably their lover. In romance, the plot HAS to be driven by the romantic relationship of the hero and heroine and by the turning points in their romantic relationship.


How Valuable is Feedback to an Author? by Carol Malone

It’s been a long standing tradition that writing contests are not only good for finding those story jewels ready to be published, but they serve as a great platform for feedback even if the author doesn’t win the contest.


Why Enter A Contest For a Critique? by Carol Malone

When I started writing years ago, I would have given anything for the opportunity to have a professional in the writing world take a look at my story, tell me I was brilliant. I was so thrilled to give my story to family and friends and then hurt and disappointed when they either didn’t finish reading it or dodged me when I asked them if they liked it.