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Author Entrepreneur Magazine, the September 2012 issue is out! Download yours today

Author Entrepreneur Magazine, September 2012 is out! This free online magazine is dedicated to helping authors create successful and sustainable careers. To be sure to get each month’s issue, subscribe to Creativity Sparks Newsletter in the right column, or subscribe at www.author-entrepreneur.com


Book Promotion: 4 Ways to Provide Value to Your Readers

Scan Twitter or Facebook streams, and you will see it over and over again, authors asking for people to support their book, to share it and promote it. Some will even write simply “Buy my book,” over and over again and wonder why nobody does. They are forgetting to add any kind of value to a potential reader’s life.


Author Entrepreneurs: We Walk Alone Together

I learned yesterday in an awesome Human Design session with Julien Adler just how much I’m blazing my own trail. Darn! I look out into the field of other artist entrepreneurs and wonder how I can be more like them… Oops! I mean, what can I learn from them. Because I’m walking my own path. Other artist entrepreneurs like…