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Artist Entrepreneur: K for Kickstarter — The Artist’s Alphabet Guide to Writing About Your Art by Aletta de Wal

Kickstarter is the entrepreneurial artist’s equivalent of venture capitalists, only better. Their tagline, “A new way to fund & follow creativity,” describes crowd-sourcing money and encouragement through “a unique all-or-nothing funding method where projects must be fully-funded or no money changes hands.”


Artist-Entrepreneur Fridays: Artists’ Alphabet Guide to Writing

Guest Post by Aletta de Wal: As Artist Advisor for Artist Career Training, my mission is to help artists become “creative entrepreneurs” so that they can make a better living making art and still have a life. Kudos to the visual artists reading this Blog! You have figured out what many artists have to discover – that there’s a lot of talking and writing involved in making money from doing what you love.