You Are a Whole-Brained Entrepreneur: True or False? by Aletta de Wal

Welcome to the Artist Entrepreneur Column, an occasional series where we talk about the fun, wild and scary ride of succeeding as an artist entrepreneur of all stripes and types and mediums.

Welcome back guest columnist, Aletta de Wal.  She specializes in helping visual artists succeed in their fine art careers. In this post she share the truths and myths about being a whole-brained entrepreneur. Enjoy!


Point Two: You Are a Whole-Brained Entrepreneur: True or False?

  • Art business is “left brain” work – methodical, logical and sequential activities.
  • Making art is all “right brain” activity – free, unfettered, imaginative and non-linear.

(Okay – that was a trick question. Our brain activities are far more integrated than we once thought.)

Answer: Making a living from making art is a whole-brained creative endeavor.
You’re certainly no stranger to creativity – it’s your true north when it comes to making art. When you start new art, you generate ideas, play with metaphors, and express emotions. As you work, you may align shapes, manage proportions and balance color values. To complete an art piece, you actually flow back and forth seamlessly between your so-called  “left” and “right” brain.

Why not apply some of that sense of discovery to finding new directions in your art business? And let’s reframe those old terms into “art brain” and “business brain,” both of which involve creativity.

With your “art brain” you create innovative exhibits of your signature work and design promotions to attract your kind of art lovers.  Your “business brain” kicks in to arrange logistics for exhibits, carry out business tasks and meet deadlines. Whole-brained creativity helps you find your way when you encounter new possibilities or the best-laid plans go south on you.

Take responsibility to be as fully creative in your business as in your art and it’s more likely you will enjoy being an artist-entrepreneur, who is paid what you’re worth so you can have a balanced life.

If you missed Point One: Responsibility: You Are in Charge of Your Art Business you can read it here.  Next time Point Three: Worth.

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