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Outsource the Rest By Martin Haworth

It’s a few years now since I read Tim Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Work Week, but the memories of what Tim said in that book have lingered with me over the years, even though, up to now, I’ve never quite felt able to follow his life-plan as far as he did.


Learning from Our Reading by Martin Haworth

Over the summer I’ve been reading a lot (haven’t we all?) and I’ve realised that my reading has changed a little as I’ve started to write more and with the hindsight of what I’ve learned along the way.


Is Fear Holding You Back? by Martin Haworth

I’m a great believer in accountability. In my role as a coach, I spend a lot of time encouraging clients to be committed to their future. In doing so, it is vital that they appreciate that there is no one coming to their rescue (except me, perhaps – more of that later*.)


The Value of Short Stories By Martin Haworth

As a business writer, I came to writing articles late in life. Eventually, from 2004 to 2013, I wrote over 400 and posted them out there in the world — on my own blogs; on other peoples’ websites, and on article banks.