A Creative Life: From Hustle to Ease… Is it possible?

Do you ever wonder if your to-do list is ever going to be done?

Do you catch yourself saying, “Someday…” and then go right back to your daily hustle?

If your answers are yes, we might have some things in common. I’ve been there and I can help you find your way back to magic and ease and creativity.

Once upon a time I was a writer who spent more time wanting to write than actually writing. I was tortured inside about that.

I managed to get writing by focusing on nonfiction, but I really wanted to be writing fiction, novels specifically. But that dream felt so far away. I had no idea how to write stories.

When I finally did start writing fiction seriously, it took me so long to write that first novel—five years.

Was I really a writer? I felt so unaccomplished, so unfulfilled, my potential untapped. Deep inside I was frustrated, the edge of hopelessness eating at the fringes of my consciousness.

I hit rock bottom, especially when I started teaching other writers. The gap between where I was and where I wanted to be was Grand Canyon vast. How could I be a writing teacher if I wasn’t as deeply committed to my writing as I invited my students to be? Boy, was I beating myself up about that.

I knew I couldn’t continue like this. It wasn’t sustainable. I was ready for a change. I was ready to live the magical life I wanted as a creative writer.

This exploration and quest have been so fruitful and magical and led me to be more creative, in the flow, and feeling resourceful to create and live the life I want.

I’m grateful to have learned so much from that experience and am also committed to helping prevent this same situation for others by sharing my story.

That is why I was excited when Marie Bowser, Spiritual Life Coach and Licensed Acupuncturist, invited me to be an expert in her series:

“Live Your Magical Life: Create Peace, Ease and Grounded Success with the Five Elements”

Live Your Magical Life

Throughout this inspirational interview series, you’ll learn practical and spiritual tools from over 15 experts on how to:

  • Switch from swimming upstream with too much effort to magically manifesting the abundance you deeply crave
  • Stop burnout and learn how to achieve powerful results from a place of ease and tap into what energizes you every day
  • Discover wisdom that grounds you while transcending mainstream success advice that is false and empty

Register now for the free event starting Sept. 22 ::HERE:: http://bethb.net/magicallife

Let’s face it, changing the way you approach your life and goals, unplugging from the fray, and re-writing the narrative of busy-busy-busy is a revolutionary act.

Now is the time to change YOUR story, make your dreams happen, and become an inspiration for others.

Happy Creating!


P.S. Registration for this once-in-a-lifetime online series is open for a limited time. Check out this opportunity to commit to making a real shift in your life and create sustainable results. Claim your FREE spot by clicking ::HERE:: http://bethb.net/magicallife

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