Harnessing the Energy of Yin (Water) and Yang (Fire) to Balance Your Creative Energy by Marie Bowser

Harnessing the Energy of Yin (Water) and Yang (Fire) to Balance Your Creative Energy by Marie BowserLet’s welcome back monthly columnist Marie Bowser as she shares with us “Harnessing the Energy of Yin (Water) and Yang (Fire) to Balance Your Creative Energy.” Enjoy!

One of the best things about summer, the fire element season is the increase in yang energy that we have access to. 

Think back to January. How did you feel? Was it easy to wake up and journal, exercise, meditate? 

Chances are you wanted to sleep in longer, you were more tired and possibly less motivated. Then as the weeks passed, as the spring energy arrived, energy increased as did motivation. 

The Creative Energy of the Summer Solstice Season

During the season of the summer solstice, of fireworks and bonfires, you may find yourself waking before your alarm, your body literally responding to light like a plant reaching for the sun. 

What a blessing, to have so much creative energy and potential to work with.  

Winter is the Season of the Water Element 

Now think back to January again. Although you may not have jumped out of bed at 5AM to get your creative time in (and kudos to you if you did), you may recall an enhanced ability to drop into that quiet, creative, inward space. 

Winter is the season of the water element, which gives us access to an inner knowing of what wants to be said or written. You may even have felt like your writing wrote itself, as though you were channeling the words from the beyond. 

The Fiery Energy and Writing 

AND, the fire element season is more OUTWARD, more social, even more chaotic or anxious. 

This outward, gregarious, extroverted, fiery energy can make it hard to tap into that quiet, productive, creative, plumbing our creative depths energy that many writers (and anyone with big plans or projects) feel supported by. AND if you’re a fire element personality type, this quiet focus can feel even more elusive. 

You might be thinking, that’s great, thanks for sharing, but what do I do about this when I feel more fiery and unfocused in the summer? 

How to Balance the Fiery Creative Energy 

The suggestion here is to balance the fire with water. 

And YES on some level, it does mean giving yourself adequate water intake, making sure that you’re nourishing your body’s physiological ability to cool itself, for your heart and mind to calm and focus itself by hydrating. 

It could also involve looking at water, getting INTO water for a bath or a swim or listening to the sounds of water. 

Nourishing water in your life also looks like getting adequate sleep and doing the work of improving your sleep, if it’s a struggle. 

Sleep hygiene is the work of shutting off screens, scaling back on how late you caffeinate and avoiding stressful conversations right before bed, all to cultivate the body’s ability to more easily fall or stay asleep.  

Watery activities like meditating, napping, daydreaming about the next chapter of a story you’re conjuring up, or listening to music all will help nourish the water element. 

Have Your Creative Cake 

As a creative person myself, I love to support people to have their creative cakes and eat them too. NOW is the time to tap into the creative, yang potential of the fiery summer AND the water element will help us to focus it to complete the task at hand. 

Need Support with your Creative Energy? 

Are you someone who REALLY struggles with focus in the summer or throughout the year? 

You might benefit from my “Get Grounded, Get Centered, Heart Opening Meditation”, designed to help you access calm and nourish the heart, the organ of the fire element and summertime. 

You can access this meditation HERE.  



Bowser Square Marie Bowser, L.Ac. helps creative, sensitive, driven people to create easeful, deeply-satisfying, abundant lives. She does this by aligning them with their true nature and the rhythm of the five elements. Marie practices acupuncture at her office in Albany, CA and offers one-on-one, virtual spiritual guidance and five element consultation. If you would like to know more about Marie and her work with the five elements, you can join her free Rise Above The Noise: 30-day Mindset Shift Challenge on Facebook where she is sharing daily discussion and wisdom to help you stay focused, positive, healthy and connected.

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