Your Quality of Life by Beth Barany

Your Quality of Life by Beth BaranyI care that you write your novel, but I realized lately that I care more about your quality of life. All our courses are built with your full life in mind, including our upcoming Plan Your Novel October 2018 workshop.

This care of mine was brought to my attention by a lovely comment from one of Fellowship of the Pen community members:

“Beth and Ezra can teach you about writing and marketing and such, but one of the hidden values of [their courses] is the care and guidance of the writers’ spirit. That is something you will NOT find in the average writing group. It is invaluable.” — Nicole Mackey, Author

Thank you, Nicole.

I see writers contort themselves into all kinds of shame, blame, and guilt around what they are or are not doing. So much pain. So much angst.

I get it. I used to beat myself up too, when I’d realize that I hadn’t been working on my book for, like, months.

  • How could I forget something so important to me?
  • How could I forget that writing fiction was so essential to my well-being?

Then over time, I learned that my creative process involves writing with intensity, then taking breaks — time off.

I need those times off: I need to noodle and daydream, fill my creative deep well with other things besides writing. And do my favorite thing: absolutely nothing.

Then after a bunch of nothing, I need to connect with people, listen to music, watch lots of movies, go to a new town or new part of town.

I need to dance with my muse. And sometimes that takes me away from my work in progress. And sometimes that brings me back.

The most important thing I’ve learned is that I need to deeply listen AND respond to the needs of my muse—the ebb and flow of it, and how listening to my creativity (or muse, intuition, gut) is what makes me truly happy.

What my muse wants today is to start gently on this new story, easing in with writing 500-1000 words on the first day. And same for the following days, until the momentum builds organically, and I’m writing 1000-2000 words a day. Until that peters out, and I ease my way to The End.

How can you deeply and respectfully listen to your Muse, then act on it, in a way that’s deeply respectful of you, and all the rest of your life?

Post in the comments and let me know. I’d love to hear.

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Have a happy creative week! Happy writing!



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