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Beth Barany's nonfiction books, Overcome Writer's Block; The Writer's Adventure Guide; Twitter for AuthorsI write books for writers, among other things. A creativity coach for writers, an award-winning novelist, and teacher, I work with novelists to help them create compelling stories, publish them, and be bold and true in their marketing.

I love to teach what I’ve learned as a writer and pass my knowledge, expertise, wisdom and lived experience with other novelists. Together we are strong!

Writers learn by doing, so I encourage you to get started on your writing dreams today.

If you’re not writing what you’d like to be writing, what stops you? Post in the comments below and share your thoughts.

Once you’re clear on what stops you, you can take action.

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Our Smashwords Summer Sale happening now through July 31st, 2017.

(Fiction books listed here.)

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