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Claim Your Free Ticket to The Publishing Success Summit

Claim Your Free Ticket to The Publishing Success Summit

Creating publishing success for yourself as an author is not an overnight thing, but a lifelong journey.

One of the things I know about being a writer is that constant education is part of our lives. But when I was college, I couldn’t wait to have no more homework. Now that I’m a writer, I embrace and do by choice constant “homework” and lots of learning. This time it’s out of a deep desire to learn, grow, and expand my knowledge, so I can be the best writer I can be. And I’m a deeply curious soul. I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning.

How about you? What are you curious about? What are you engaged with learning? Hit reply and let me know!

A Learning Opportunity

If you’re driven by a desire to learn more about publishing, I invite you to join me and 65+ other book industry expert for the Publishing Success Summit, hosted by Eric Van Der Hope, starting today, Monday, December 5 and going through Friday, December 23.

Go here to grab your complimentary pass. If not, go here:

And join me today 3pm PT to listen live to my interview with Eric on getting started with your novel, or listen later to the replay.

You have three days to enjoy the replays. In my chat with Eric, I talk about novel planning and getting organized to write your book. Enjoy!

Why Attend This Summit

1. You can learn directly from the experts.
2. You get to take advantage of the biggest book publishing event online.
3. You can watch at your convenience and from the comfort of your own home.

Full disclosure: I am an affiliate for this event. If you buy a pass to listen to all the interviews at your leisure, I do financially benefit.


Q: I cannot attend all the sessions, so is there a way to get the recordings?

A: Absolutely, all the sessions will be available up to 3 days (72 hours) at which time they’ll go into our password protected membership vault. You’ll be able to watch/listen to the videos anytime at your convenience during that timeframe, or you can decide to purchase an All-Access Pass which will get you lifetime access to all the interviews/videos — forever.

Q: How do I watch the sessions?

A: After you claim your FREE ticket, you will receive an email from Eric Van Der Hope in your inbox every day of the event letting you know where to view the sessions. All you’ll have to do is login and follow the simple how-to instructions provided. You will be able to access all the sessions available for the specified timeframe and be able to view them on any computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Register here for this free event:

And here’s to your learning and success!

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