Free eBook! Self Promo Stories by Authors, Fun Strategies to Sell Books

I joined together with over a dozen authors recently for a fun book of self promo stories for authors, and we are giving this book away for free!

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Self Promo Stories: Authors’ Boldest, Cleverest & Wackiest Strategies to Sell their Books

Self Promo Stories: Authors’ Boldest, Cleverest & Wackiest Strategies to Sell their Books

More about Self Promo Stories: Authors’ Boldest, Cleverest & Wackiest Strategies to Sell their Books

Looking for wonderful advice on self-promotion?

This book has it all: silly hats, theme candy, sandwich board costumes.

There’s also plenty of up-to-date social media advice — Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogging, KDP days, and more.

Just published? Self published? Indie title? Looking for wonderful advice on self-promotion?

There’s advice for KDP free days and linking your book with bestsellers, on getting reviews and arranging bookstore events.

Basically, these stories by award-winning authors can help you build your brand and pick the gimmicks that’ll get you noticed, and best of all, it’s free!

Read these authors’ wonderful true stories and learn how to sell your book.

Curated and edited by Valerie Estelle Frankel.

Click here to grab your copy on Smashwords.

In this book, you’ll find fun, silly, creative self promo ideas.

Read and get inspired and go out and do your own.

Post in the comments below with your boldest, wackiest, and cleverest strategies, so we can get inspired from you!


  • The Power of Silly Hats by Valerie Estelle Frankel
  • All You Need is Chutzpah by Sandra Saidak
  • You Oughta Be in Pictures by J. Malcolm Stewart
  • The Sandwich Board Parade by Victoria M. Johnson
  • Guerilla Bookmarking by Steve Masover
  • Building Your Readership from Your Office Chair by Emerian Rich
  • Meet My Superhero by Vincent M. Wales
  • Grace Paley, Octavia E. Butler, and Wendy Wasserstein in the CUNY Graduate Center Bathroom by Marleen S. Barr
  • Whatever Draws Them by Loren Blowers
  • The Video Hook by Kathleen Ann Gonzalez
  • Princess Leia Can Sell Cthulhu or Confessions of a Shy Narcissist by Doug Ecks
  • Take the Holiday Fairs to eBay by V.E. Frankel
  • Coffee with Frankenstein and Dracula by Ashley Dioses
  • Reviews, Blogs, Bribes by Elizabeth Barone
  • Giveaways Build Your Mailing List by Beth Barany
  • Let’s Have a Party! by Valerie Lee
  • Befriending Local Artists by Dave M. Strom
  • The Most Attractive Ice Cream by Jennifer Ng
  • Read it and Sell it by Loren Rhoads
  • Meal Replacement Units: Sustenance Worth Remembering by Denise Kawaii
  • Me and KDP by V. Estelle Frankel
  • Above All, Find your Audience by Daniel M. Kimmel
  • And more

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