Story is King and Trust the Process, says Pixar

Story is king and trust the process. -- PixarStory is king and trust the process, says Pixar, the animation giant.

Today I listened to an interview with the author of Creativity, Inc, Ed Catmull, on KQED.

It’s heartening to here about how a creative business works.

As I haven’t read the book yet, here’s some tidbits and inspiration I’ve pulled from my favorite newsfeed of my peers, Twitter.

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How do you protect your creativity?

One of the ways I do it is to read a lot, watch TV and movies, and my favorite, travel to some place new.

I also love to listen to NPR because it’s like meandering through a lot of interesting stories at random and seeing what excites and intrigues me.

I don’t have an atrium like Pixar does to create these random and interesting meetings with my peers, though you could say the Internet can function in that way. It’s not enough! Thank goodness I’ll be going to my monthly RWA meeting tomorrow and be in the physical presence of my creative peers.

How do you feed the beast?

The beast equals the making money part: the business you’re in and includes marketing your books.

I follow through and remind myself to follow through. How about you?

Specifically, for the coaching business I follow up as best I can when I say I would. For book marketing, same thing: Follow through. Coming up with ideas is easy. The follow through is the hard part for me. LOL

How do you feed the beast and what’s easy and hard for you?

More tidbits:

Creativity-Inc-cover-imageA review of Creativity, Inc.: “Pixar Perfect: 3 Lessons From the Next Great Business Book

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