The Benefit of Writing Conferences

Beth and Ezra Barany on our way back from San Antonio, TX

Beth and Ezra Barany on our way back from San Antonio, TX

We Traveled!

Why writing conferences are fun and awesome!

Ezra and I attended the RWA National conference — the annual conference for the Romance Writer’s of America members — in San Antonio, Texas. (I actually was along for the ride, while Ezra spoke and attended the conference.)

For us northern Californians, the heat was, um, new, and something to adjust to!
We learned that: 

— Conferences are a great place to put a face to a name! I had a great time meeting authors at the Literacy Signing and can see me at the signing one day. (Beth) 

— There are readers that make a point to go to the Literacy Signing every year, saving their money the whole year. Avid readers in the flesh! Would you travel across the country to meet your favorite authors? (Beth) 

— It was an opportunity to get to know the special features of the conference city. It makes the visit feel real and is great fodder for future stories. (Beth) 

— Amazon likely ranks books higher when you have both the ebook and the print book, and not just the ebook. (Ezra) 

— Publishers normally don’t want just the print rights, they want to have both the print and ebook rights. (Ezra) 

— To get foreign translation rights, contact a literary agent, not an editor/publisher. The agent should be someone who normally helps indie authors. (Ezra) 

— Regularly publish products on, every 60-90 days — audio, print, ebook, bundles, etc. That can helps your sales, according to published authors who spoke at the conference. (Ezra)

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