Scribe Supplies: Writerly Tools for Success by Tiffany Turpin Johnson

Book in a Month by Victoria Lynn SchmidtWelcome back to Tiffany Turpin Johnson, a kidlit writer and editor whose monthly column, Scribe Supplies: Writerly Tools for Success, brings you the best in all types of tools for professional writers. Today she shares the best writing playlists from the free music streaming service, Songza.


Scene Soundtrack

Some writers like to write in silence, others to instrumentals, others to hum-alongs. If you like a little background music, whether worded or instrumental, the internet has a solution. There are lots of music streaming services out there, but my personal favorite is Songza because of its ever-expanding free repertoire and option to stream via web and app. (The fun playlist titles don’t hurt either.) Below are some free Songza playlists to get your creative juices flowing, no matter what type of scene you’re writing.

Disclaimer: I tend to love film scores and rock music, so you’ll see a lot of that here. If that’s not your groove, don’t be afraid to explore Songza’s catalog, or even another streaming service altogether. I guarantee you’ll find something to suit your tastes.

Opening. To get started, you’ll need some pep in your step.

Look for: optimistic, sunny day tunes

Scary. Ready to get those chill bumps coming?

Look for: angsty, anticipatory tunes

Dramatic. Channel the best in dramatic royalty.

Look for: broody show-stoppers

Action. Send your hero into the ultimate battle.

Look for: fast, angry beats

Flashback. Go back in time with your character.

Look for: thought-provokers, tunes from decades past

Climactic. The ultimate peak of your story arc deserves the best in movie magic.

Look for: iconic film scores and soundtracks

Romantic. Put your characters in the mood.

Look for: slow-dance and candlelit tunes

Introspective. Slow the action to let your characters take a breather.

Look for: slow, haunting tunes

Kidlit. Let your inner child out to play.

Look for: upbeat, kid-safe ditties

Roll credits. Wind down with these get-to-the-end playlists.

Look for: roadtrip, finale-feeling songs

What are your favorite scene soundtracks and/or music streaming services? Tell us in the comments!


Tiffany Turpin Johnson is a novelist represented by Annie Bomke Literary Agency, and operates TJ Writeography, a freelance writing and photography service. She regularly contributes to various blogs, and serves as Senior Editor for Entranced Publishing and Assistant Editor for Compose Literary Journal. Find her at and on Twitter at @Fictiffous.

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