Learn How to Run a Successful Blog Tour, and many other things!

Blog-Tour-Course-Banner-NameHello! Learn How to Run a Successful Blog Tour, and many other things at the
WordPress for Business Virtual Summit that started Monday, March 4. The free virtual summit runs through March 8th, and even has some goodies after that.

In case you missed it, I will be one of the 13 presenters. There’s a lot of great folks here speaking on Web Design, Marketing, Social Media and Entrepreneurial Success.

Just click below and enjoy the live webinars plus access to all the recordings. This is the biggest training of its kind on WordPress for Business. And did I tell you it’s free?!

I will be speaking on How to run a successful “Blog Tour” on Friday, March 8th at 2pm EST (11am PST).

Hope to see you at my presentation!

Sign up here: http://bit.ly/WPAcademyBarany

PS. If you’ve never done an online webinar before, spend some extra time beforehand getting setting up.

PPS. I’m presenting on one of my favorite topics: How to run a successful blog tour. If you’d like a sneak peek, check out this article I wrote on my blog last fall. I’ll also be announcing goodies after my webinar!

To sign up and review the program and celebrity-speaker lineup, go here:


Join thousands of entrepreneurs and WordPress enthusiasts, content developers, and authors from around the world for this series of 13 free, content-rich webinars on WordPress Web Design, Internet Business, and Entrepreneur Success. You’re not going to want to miss this opportunity to hear from myself and my peers. Presentations include:

  • Getting Organic Traffic to Your Blog, with super-blogger and copywriting legend Michel Fortin
  • Performance Execution for Entrepreneurs, with best-selling author and business guru Jeff Magee
  • Monetizing WordPress and WordPress Community Sites with WP Academy Founder, Marc Beneteau
  • Thesis 2 Theme, Inside and Out, with WP Trainer, Rick Anderson
  • Branding Secrets, with Branding Expert, David Tyreman

And six other world-class presentations, including mine on: How to run a successful “Blog Tour”.

My colleague Marc Beneteau, Founder of WP Academy, is passionate about getting the tools for successful internet marketing into everyone’s hands, and at prices they can afford.

These are valuable skills for every writer in this new era of publishing.

The Free WordPress for Business Virtual Summit is going to cut months off your learning curve of effectively creating and marketing your website — an essential marketing tool for authors.To sign up and review the program and celebrity-speaker lineup, go here:


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2 Responses

  1. AMummysLife says:

    Looks interesting! Wish they had stuff like this for Blogger users!

  2. Beth Barany says:

    AMummysLife: What an opportunity for you if you started something like this for Blogger users! Hmmm.

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