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Elaine Raco Chase, Radio Host & Author

A few weeks ago I was on Authors Corner with Elaine Raco Chase at on BlogTalk Radio. She was featuring YA Fantasy authors. We’re a diverse bunch!

  • Michael DiCerto
  • Wendy Grischow
  • Michel Prince
  • Paul Swearingen
  • Alison Pensy
  • Joshua Chapman
  • Bernard DeLeo
  • Kim Baccellia

Triangle Variety Radio ShowElaine’s show is 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. Join Elaine’s Authors Corner Group on Facebook or click on this link:

If you want to get interviewed on radio here’s an overview of what you need to do. Future posts will go more on depth.

Where to find hosts

I found Elaine through a writer’s yahoo loop I belong to. In fact, I find most of my opportunities there, in the writers communities. Ask other authors who have done BlogTalk Radio about their experiences and how they found their hosts.

Another place is the writers’ groups on Facebook. I initially saw Elaine’s announcement here:

Check out Elaine’s group above to stay in the loop about her shows. Lastly, there’s Twitter! A quick search using the hashtag #blogtalkradio shows some hosts marketing their shows! Also a great place to begin your research!

How to get on shows

As with any querying, pay close attention to what people are requesting and send them that! When I saw Elaine’s request I sent her my speaker bio.


Rehearse, gather all your material, call in on time or early. Also, market that you will be on the call.

Follow up

Market that you’ve done the call! Thank your host and other guests. And go out and get more gigs!

If you’d like to have Elaine interview you, great! I checked with her and here’s what you do:

  1. Send her an email to:
  2. Put your genre in the subject line.
  3. In the email, include a mini bio.
  4. Remember that her show is the Authors Corner, on every Thursday night at 8PM EST. — #1 on the Triangle network; #5 on BlogTalkRadio, with 95,000 listeners!

What experience have you gained from being on BlogTalk Radio? Share it below! Thanks!

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  • Pattio says:

    awesome info and clearly outlined! thanks for sharing it! 🙂

  • You got it right Beth – and you were a fabulous guest… I love interviewing all authors, all genres/ it’s always fun and you know what we’ll talk about beforehand…no blindsiding!

    Hope you’ll contact me… and join the fun…

  • Beth Barany says:

    Thanks Pattio! 🙂

  • Caro Ness says:

    I am a complete novice in this area, so will have to see whether there is anything like this in the UK So thanks for a very informative post!

  • Beth Barany says:

    Caro, You may also want to check out podcasting. More resources here: Good luck!

  • >