Healthy Writers Club: When Life Gets Busy, The Busy Get Walking, I Wish

Healthy Writers Club_running_pictogramInspired by Josh Clark’s article on the site,, I’ve been doing a Couch-to-5K training since Oct 2012.

About weekly I share my Exercise Log to stay accountable to my commitment to my health and to the Healthy Writers Club. I also reflect on my writing, creativity, and a creative life.

And because some people have asked, and I’ve mentioned it in previous posts, I use the cool iPhone app called Seconds Pro (their site: to stay focused for this interval training. I love this app because I can customize it for each week’s training.

Monday, Jan. 7th: I walked in my neighborhood, along Piedmont Ave., and up into the hills into a part of my neighborhood I didn’t know well. I’m {still} using Week #4 on the Couch-to-5K training, but low key, since my heel was hurting. But I just wanted to stroll in the cold afternoon while listening to my favorite radio program, Marketplace on the local PBS station. (I’ll get to Week #5 eventually!)

It’s been a really busy week, work-wise (lots of client work and lots of prospect calls — woohoo! –, which a great thing. I did write fiction my four days per week, too. (Busy people get lots done. Yeah!) But… I didn’t go to Capoeira on Wednesday because I had a presentation to give, which went really well.

So that brings us to Saturday. I wanted to work out Friday too but didn’t because I wanted to save my energy for a walk on Saturday.

Saturday, Jan. 12th: I walked with a friend at the Mountain View Cemetery; such a lovely view, and great weather on this cool winter day. It felt good to move; it felt good to walk uphill (I like walk and running uphill; weird, uh?!) And it felt good to hang out with my good girlfriend and talk deep matters, and laugh, and share jibes.

Exercising and Writing

I notice I can go a few days without physical activity, but by the third day I’m itching to move. I feel as if I’ve been confined too long, which I have, because 2 days this week I stayed home all day, and didn’t do my 9-minute walk to the cafes. I get grouchy, and that’s when it’s hard to be creative. So I gotta move!

How do you handle your grouchiness? {Yes, I do eat chocolate, too, to help!}


Healthy Writers Club_running_pictogramMore info on the Healthy Writers Club and
my fellow writers participating here:

At last count we are up to 32 writers! Woot! Together we are strong! Shallee, Thanks for creating this movement!

Welcome to one of our members: author Beth Fred,


How about you? Share your exercise and how it supports your writing, both casual and otherwise, below, and let’s support each other!


Beth Barany, Author, Speaker, Creativity Coach for WritersPS. When I’m not walking, or writing, I help authors create successful books and careers, as a writing coach and book marketing consultant and advisor. If you want personalized, tailored one-on-one support, that’s what I’m excellent at.

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3 Responses

  1. Cheri says:

    You know, I asked before about the healthy writer’s club, but still haven’t been there. Maybe this week. But, I completely understand about the sedentary time/grouchiness correlation. It hasn’t been all that long ago that I wouldn’t have believed such a thing, but I’ve been pretty much a slug for the past three days (feeling a tad under the weather the first two, and just a slug today!), but it’s definitely starting to wear on me. I’m definitely going to have to get a workout in tomorrow to help myself feel better.

    Keep up your walking!

  2. Beth Barany says:

    Thanks Cheri! I will! Hope you get out there too! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Robin Moore says:

    Thumbs up for walking, Beth! I’m going to Curves gym 4 times a week, plus my daily walking usually averages over 6,000 steps just doing my daily chores, etc. Let’s go!

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