Even Though Nanowrimo Has Started, Healthy Writers Club: Couch to 5k Here We Come

I’m on a mission. Shhh. Don’t tell Beth, at least don’t tell the part of her that loves her couch.

I’ve started my very own Couch-to-5K program, inspired by Josh Clark’s article on the site, coolrunning.com.

Day #1: Saturday, Oct. 27, I walked around Lake Merritt.

Day #2: Monday, Oct. 29, I walked as part of my to and from to a meeting with a colleague in Berkeley. Our meeting was about a cool program we’re planning to launch next year for writers. Top secret for now!

Day #3: Fri, Nov. 2 {planned}. I’ll report on it next week.

I still used my cool iPhone app called Seconds Pro (their site: http://www.secondsapp.com/) to stay focused. So glad I have it. It makes the walking fun. Which where I think exercise needs to stay.

More info on the Healthy Writers Club and my fellow writers participating here: http://www.shalleemcarthur.com/p/the-healthy-writers-club.html At last count we are up to 22 writers!

And, I finally made it back to Capoiera class at Capoeira Mandinga. Yeah!

How about you? Share your exercise, both casual and otherwise, below, and let’s support each other!

PS. When I’m not walking, or writing, I help authors create successful books and careers, as a coach and advisor. If you want personalized, tailored one-on-one support, I can help you with that too. Contact me for a Discovery Session too see how a writing coach, award-winning author, Certified Creativity Coach and Master NLP Practitioner can help you fall in love with your writing, again. Sign up for a 60-Minute Complimentary Coaching Discovery Session here. I give away 10 slots per month. First Come First Serve! Click here now to schedule yours: Online Scheduler.

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  • Hey, this is a great idea! I’m a big believer in getting the mind moving by getting the body moving. When I’m not writing or editing, I’m an assistant karate instructor. I’ve found that my karate has improved my writing, and vice versa. Both pursuits require discipline, focus and dedication.

    Good luck on your couch to 5K program!

  • Beth Barany says:

    Thanks Faith! I’d love to hear more about how karate has improved your writing, and vice versa. Would you like to write a guest post for us?!

  • Sure! I just sent you a message. Thanks!

  • >