5 Ways You Can Gain More Opportunities By Just Being You

Enjoy this guest post from fun, bubbly and oh-so-practical, Alara Castell! Useful for all us Author Entrepreneurs!


5 Ways You Can Gain More Opportunities By Just Being You

  1. Be willing to share your truth with the world. People crave real stories and things they can relate to. Marina’s post has put people in tears.
  2. Be clear on your journey and your story. By knowing what your story is and all the pain you have experienced you can pull out what you truly want to offer the world. Not what the masses tell you that you need to teach.
  3. Know the fear and worries of your ideal client.  Knowing the psyche of your ideal client, will help you know what will really serve them. For example, my ideal client tends to get in her own way, looses momentum, and has a huge fear of failure. To support her, I have created a community for them to thrive and keep the drive going to move towards their dreams. Stay tuned as I’ll share more soon.
  4. Know how you stand out. There are many people in your field, but you have unique qualities that are like no one elses. By taking these qualities into your branding, offerings, and marketing it will make you more desirable to the people you want to attract. The quirks and all 🙂
  5. Offer your offerings how you want to offer them. Like I said above, you are unique and you have ways that you can make your offerings different from the other people in your field. Don’t be shy to share yourself with the world. If you don’t like speaking in hotel conference rooms and rather be at a chill location, then do that instead. You don’t have to follow the masses.

I know there are more ways to gain opportunities, so if you have more ways that you want to share, then please do so by visiting my blog by clicking here. Please do share your knowledge and make sure to leave a link to your website too, so people can check you out.

Thank you for being a part of this fun-loving creative space to make this planet a happier place.

Much love,

P.S. There is only one thing that has supported me to getting out of my own way and that is a strong community behind me. This is why I have created the Thrive Café Series to help prevent the downward spirals and instead you feel truly held where if you fall the community is there to pick you up. Stay tuned for more details soon.

For more about Alara Castell and how she works with people, go here: http://www.alaracastell.com/about-me/.

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