This Week in Artist Entrepreneur Land

This week’s post on Artist Entrepreneurship will feature the cool people and organizations that can talk both languages of art and business. Because aren’t they both delicious? I think combined they make for an interesting patois or creole or a new language that is creating a new reality for artists who can think like business people, and for business people who can think like artists.

So here we go!

From my Inbox:
Thanks to Entrepreneur The Arts newsletter for sharing this with me!

Chicago Ideas Week in October 10-16, 2011 is an annual weeklong initiative that brings together globally recognized visionaries to speak on a variety of critical issues, social topics, and breakthrough concepts in order to foster connectivity for people in and around the Midwest.

Speakers secured already include former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, Joan Cusack, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Tom Friedman, Andrew Mason and more!

I love their tag or pitch: Left-Brained. Right-Brained. Both-Brained. 100 Thought Provoking Speakers. 60 Unique Events. 1 Electrified City.

And more from their site: Launching October 10-16, 2011, Chicago Ideas Week connects people and ideas to inspire creativity and innovation like never before, and to discuss the most powerful force on earth: an idea.

From the Smart Artist Career Blog: I get notified of their featured Artist every Friday. This smart blog and service is run by Ariane Goodwin and helps visual artist make an honest living doing what they love.

From the Right Brain Business Plan and its creator Jennifer Lee, comes a lovely and useful post on developing your personal curriculum for creatives. I like her reminder about setting a time frame. I find that really helps me focus.

In Beth’s Crazy and Wild World:

This Week, last night actually, I upgraded my Facebook Group for Artist Entrepreneurs Unite. This group is an adjunt and companion to the AEU blog:

We are Artists: writers, painters, illustrators, dancers, designers, and did I say artists? We are fabulously creative in our life, our art and our business. And why should we not be? Who said artists have to starve?  So, here we are: empowering ourselves to succeed in our creative, business, and personal lives, because they are all one, and we are highly creative beings who know the meaning of hard work, diligence, persistence, luck, good friends, asking for help, praying to the creative energies of the universe, and play.

I’m interviewing artist entrepreneurs for my Artist Entrepreneurs Unite blog. If you’d like to be interviewed, go here for all the details.

I will be offering sponsorship opportunities soon, as an experiment!

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