Indie Fantasy Author: M. Edward McNally on The Sable City

Welcome to indie author, M. Edward McNally, who is the author of a Musket & Magic Fantasy series beginning with Book One:  The Sable City.

I had fun interviewing him!

Beth: What got you into writing this book in the first place?

Ed: It started with an image in my head: A wounded warhorse in a field of blonde steppe grass, gray sky high above. A young woman was approaching the horse carefully from the front, speaking softly and holding out a bright red apple. I started writing a story to find out what she was doing there, and now three books later I am still finding out who she is.

Beth: I love your imagery. I love how your curiosity is pulling you forward. I’m also curious to know what was the most fun thing to do during the writing, producing or marketing of your book.

Ed: Writing by a mile. Production (editing, formatting) is a slog, and marketing…oof.  That is where I am the opposite of a Viking. 😉

Beth: Quite the opposite! So, what are readers saying about your book?

Ed: I am very gratified that people like the books thus far, and not just people, but strangers to whom I am not related and never went to school with. I’ll get a fan note from Norway or somewhere, and just have to sit for five minutes thinking, “How Cool is the World?”

Beth: I know! How Cool! Now why did you decide to Indie publish?

Ed: I wrote some short stories back in the 90s that were published, but with this I wrote it purely because I had to write it. Never thought seriously of publishing it. But, an Epic Character Piece with a Fantasy setting, plus muskets and samurai, is a hard sell to an industry that wants more of whatever happens to be making money at any given moment. The whole Indie thing came as a revelation, and it has been grand.

Beth: It’s been a revelation for me, too! LOL What advice do you have to authors just starting out?

Ed: Don’t listen to advice. You know what you gotta do.

Beth: OMG! That is seriously laugh out loud right on for me! Anything else you’d like to share?!

Ed: Anything?  Um, this is much more fun than dipping sheep. Not the best job I ever had.

Beth: I imagine! Thanks for stopping by, Ed!

M. Edward McNally

M. Edward McNally is the author of a Musket & Magic Fantasy series beginning with Book One:  The Sable City

He is an Irish/Mexican from North Carolina with a Master’s in Russian/East European History, which is all just another way of saying life is strange.  Presently resides in Phoenix AZ, where the scorpions and javelinas play.

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  • Beth Barany says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Ed! You’re a hoot! Good luck with everything!

  • Susan Ricci says:

    Beth, tell Mike, where ever he is dipping sheep, that I’ve tipped a cow or two in my time…strange this should come back to bite me, after reading this wild and funny interview!

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