How Can NLP Help Writers?

HOW is the most important question tool

HOW is the most important question tool

By the time you read this post I will be in the process of getting certified as an NLP practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) at NLP Marin.

As you may be able to tell from reading my posts, my newsletter or my books, I’m passionate about helping writers.

Many authors think that they just need to be given a road map to success and then follow it, and then voila! There they are: New York Times Bestsellers!

But actually, the road to your sucess is uniquely yours, and no one elses.

If you just ask, “How can I get to where I want to go?”

Well, then, you just might create a path that is uniquely suited to your strengths, avoids or even transforms your weaknesses, capitalizes on your passions and gets you there in just the right way for you.

All because you asked HOW.

NLP asks HOW. HOW is the most important question tool, out of all the other tools, in my opinion, for getting unstuck.

WHAT can give you specifics? What does success look like to you? For example…

WHAT will having that do for you?

HOW will you know when you have it?

With WHOM, WHEN and WHERE would you like your success, specifically?

So settle into the HOW and see what you can dream up!

What are you specifically dreaming up today?


I love hearing from you! We love hearing from you! And to prove it and show my love and adoration, for the month of August, everyone who leaves a comment to this post and any post on the Writer’s Fun Zone I will enter your name in our giveaway. If you comment and link back to my blog on your blog, you’ll get your name in the giveaway twice.

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Note: We’re keeping all the names for a final GRAND, GRAND PRIZE of a complimentary ticket in Ezra’s year-long program Finish Your Page-Turning Novel launching January 2012. ($2,000 value) For now, we will draw weekly for 30-minute consult and monthly for a 60-minute consult.

Be sure to leave your email in the email field so we can contact you if you win.

In the meantime, we invite you to pick up copies of Beth Barany’s best-selling books Overcome Writer’s Block: 10 Sparks to Ignite Your Creativity or The Writer’s Adventure Guide: 12 Stages to Writing Your Book. Both books are like having a book coach at your side. Experienced and novice writers have said that these books have saved them time and avoided heartache, as well as helped them get their books done. And that it’s all about!

Update Sept. 26, 2014: I now offer consultations for writers using my NLP skills. Find out more about these consultations here.

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4 Responses

  1. VJ says:

    Congratulations! I’ve read Anthony Robbins’ book, “Awaken the Giant Within,” but, except for the Silva Method, have not studied NLP.


  2. Beth Barany says:

    VJ, THanks for stopping by! I haven’t read Anthony Robbin’s book. What I’m learning at NLP Marin is quite amazing and life changing. I do know that!

  3. viqifrench says:

    Hi Beth,

    You know, I *should* be working on a novel I’m ghostwriting for a client. Instead, I’m enjoying reading about your contest… Here’s my entry. 🙂

    And CONGRATS on your NLP trainer certification!! I know you’ll do grand things with that success tool. Hope it’ll inspire a blog post or two, for our benefit.

  4. Beth Barany says:

    Thanks Viqi! My NLP training will definitely inspire a post or two, for your benefit

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