VIDEO: Pattie Maes on a Sixth Sense Tech

Enjoy our weekly video in our Sunday Videos for Authors series.

And I get a break from writing a post! LOL

What is the sixth sense but another ability to perceive we humans have in our arsenal?

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“Pattie Maes, an associate professor at MIT and internationally honored with several awards, is a Belgian at the top of the technological evolution. She will show, live on stage, where her technology – labeled by TED as ‘the sixth sense’ –  will bring us in the next few years. Think Tom Cruise in Minority Report. Only this session takes place in the real world.”

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  • Ien Nivens says:

    This is jaw-dropping technology with direct applications to the world of writing, publishing and promoting. I’ve been sharing Pranav Mistry’s presentation on TED Talks to anyone willing to watch and listen. 6th Sense Technology should have made the iPad and every e-reader and tablet computer out there obsolete before they were out of the box. Want physical books at e-book prices? Project them onto a blank journal. Or a pillow. Or the wall. Or…but you get the idea. And that’s very inside-the-box thinking.

    Imagine how fiction will be written using 6th Sense! Grab a setting from the real world, another from a Google Maps satellite image or a Hubble telescope shot of a distant galaxy from your coffee table book. Ebooks don’t have to be limited to text. Never have been, but this makes it so much easier to incorporate video, music, web and mobile apps, etc. when you can literally grab, drag and drop.

    Hold a book-signing on another continent. Sit down with a book club or with a crit group anywhere in the world, live. Grab a passage out of a notebook, etc. Host a poetry slam with poets from all over the country projected on the wall of your local coffee shop. It’s hard to get outside the box, because the box (your computer) just got so very, very big and inclusive!

  • Beth Barany says:

    Ien, You blew mind mind. I hadn’t thought of all these applications. I am so curious to see this tool in action!

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