The Busy Life of a Creative Entrepreneur: Priorities


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This post is #3 in a series Artist Entrepreneur Success on what it takes to succeed in business as an artist-entrepreneur.

Today we cover a topic that I have been resisting almost as long as I’ve been in business: making priorities.

Funny, that. Because there’s so much I want to do. I imagine you do, too. And actually, I’m great at getting stuff done. (Hey, I’ve been blogging every day since Jan. 1.)

The question is what matters most?

What matters most to me is:

Did I make an impact today on those around and including myself?

Exercise: What is your criteria for making decisions during your day?

Here’s my current list of priorities:


    1. SELF CARE
    2. Put out fires
    3. Take care of clients
    4. Marketing: sales conversations
    5. Create content to sell
    6. Marketing: to specific new people via email, phone, social media
    7. Social media marketing on the networks: general posting and chatting

How I Use This List

So I have a list. This calms my talky-talky brain. And then I have to connect with how I feel, and where my flow wants to go. Both parts of me, all parts of me that I can connect with, have to be on board with whatever activity I choose to do.

As I still struggle with setting and following through on priorities, I’m curious how you guys go about the whole business of priorities. Chime in!

How do you prioritize?

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  • Kristen Lamb says:

    I try to see what things on my list I can combine. Twitter is great for that. It combines marketing, taking care of clients and self-care. When I RT for another writer I start building a relationship and that adds to my platform. It also makes me feel good, and that is important, especially when you do a job that can go years before real financial reward.

    Congrats on blogging every day. I’m getting there. I’m at four days a week. I need to learn to write shorter posts, LOL.

    Wishing you the best.


  • Bob Mayer says:

    Good question as my desk is a pile of paper. Have to book flights to Australia and New Zealand where I’m presenting this summer. Just booked flight to St. Louis for workshop. Updating product descriptions on Amazon. And, oh yeah, doing major rewrite on WIP.
    We just decided to cut our prices on fiction at Who Dares Wins Publishing 50% to $2.99 across the board. So that’s consumed a lot of time.
    Today’s author has to do it all. But hell, I’d rather do it than count on some ‘publicist’ at the Big 6 who could give a rat’s ass about my books.

  • Kristen Lamb says:

    Bob, feel free to outsource that Australia/New Zealand trip :D.

    I feel you. I need a safety line when I go into my office. But, it is looking brighter for the little guy. NY forgot who created the product and it seems like they are in for some pain. Writers are getting smarter, thanks to people like us who dedicate our time and effort to equipping them to run their own career, regardless the publishing path they take.

  • Beth Barany says:

    Kristen, Great idea on asking what you can combine! i like that. I’m going to steal that! Safety line! LOL You are doing a great job equipping us to run our own career! Thanks!

    Bob, Sounds like you plow right through what’s top priority regarding timing. Isn’t it great that we can control our own destiny these days. And thanks for dropping your prices to $2.99 for fiction. That seems to be the sweet spot.

  • Thanks for this great post. I think I’ll print it out and tape it to the wall.
    So often I put off self-care tasks such as “Buy health insurance” when that should be the first priority of the day.

  • Beth Barany says:

    You’re welcome Carol! Ooh! I’m flattered and honored that you will print this list out and tape it to the wall. Self-care first! Yes! I find if I make the self-care specific it’s easier for me to get done. Today i just decided to do some stick yoga for 10-20 minutes in the morning. Now off to make my music mix!

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