What is GetGlue.com?

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by Beth Barany, Owner, Writer’s Fun Zone

From their FAQ:

What is GetGlue?

GetGlue is a service that helps you find your next favorite movie, book, music album or other every day thing (here’s a list of supported categories). GetGlue shows you things that you’ll like based on your personal tastes, what your friends like, and what’s most popular on GetGlue.

The Why of GetGlue

(In my own words.)

Because it’s fun.

Because we liked recommending and getting recommendations.

Because we win badges.

Because I get to promote my favorite authors! (And authors can promote themselves. Thank you author, Josie Brown for introducing me to GetGlue.com)

Why else?

Check it out and see how fun and addicting it is!

Let me know what you think!

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