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wizard-1(Day 3 of my 31 day blogging challenge.)

Yesterday, one of my clients asked me how I was able to share such useful tweets all the time. Where did I find the time? How did I find the resources?

So, since she’s in my Social Networking for Authors class, I gave her an easy-to-follow explanation of what I did. What was missing though was precisely a listing of the resources I draw from.

Today, I’m instituting a new tradition here at Writer’s Fun Zone, and will list some of the best resources I’ve found on book marketing and publishing. Ideally, this will be a weekly post, but nature and the gods may have other ideas. For now, it’s an idea I’m rolling with…

We have to start this list with a cheat: other people’s round-ups. Hey, I’m lazy. Besides, why not give a shout out to those who’ve been doing weekly lists a lot longer than I have?

With one of my perennial favorites, Nathan Bransford’s Friday post, This Week in Publishing. Why? Because he’s funny, informative, and at least one of his links out will help your author career. This week’s wasn’t posted by the time I posted, so here’s last week’s This Week in Publishing.

Next, we have Tony Eldridge’s Marketing Tips for Authors, his weekly Marketing Tips Around the Net. Always useful. Always to the point.

From Publishing Perspectives, we have an editorial from Canadian author and bookseller, Deborah Willis, discussing the differences between bound books and e-books.

In Our Little Books, Julia M. Lindsey gives a shout out to newsworthy links in publishing.

Lastly, on publishing, the ever smart and savvy, Mike Shatzkin, in his Idea Logical Blog, on ebook royalties versus ebook publishing.

Lastly, on book marketing, Amy Porterfield at the Social Media Examiner on the top 10 Facebook pages and why they’re successful. You know authors could benefit from copying from the best!

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