Jon Wuebben Interviews Beth Barany: Book Producer, Author, Speaker, Coach

(First published February 22nd, 2010 at’s blog)

Beth Barany

Beth Barany

I recently interviewed Beth Barany, the go-to creative coach for writers. Check it out!

1. How did you get started helping other writers?

I’ve always been drawn to helping other writers, ever since my horrible English teacher in ninth grade. I felt she could be doing so much more to foster our creativity and productivity. It was then and there that I vowed to help writers and be the kind of teacher she wasn’t. Bless her. Who’d have thought that a bad teacher could inspire so much passion in a student?!

2. What do you feel are the 3 things you can help most with?

Three only? You’re kidding, right? Okay. I’ll narrow it down. Which brings me to the first thing: Focus. I help you focus on what you want to write about. Which bring us to the second thing: Clarity. I help you get clear and specific about what you want to say, to whom, and why. Lastly, I help you organize your thoughts AFTER you’ve spilled them onto the page.

3. What advice would you give to those who want to write a book, but aren’t sure what to do first?

First things first: Make sure there is an audience for your book and that you can reach that audience. If you want to write your book to please yourself, then know that and operate off of that premise. If you see there is a small, yet dedicated audience for how to polish antique furniture, write your book knowing specifically how big your target audience is. A silly example, I know, but we writers are creative types!

4. How can an author promote their book inexpensively or even for free?

Ah! One of my most favorite topics. Word of mouth and word of mouse, its new version. Social networking is one of my most favorite tools to get people noticing and talking about your book, specifically Facebook and Twitter, and for certain audiences, LinkedIn. If you want to take action and learn more, be sure to see when my next class is on Social Networking for Authors on my site’s Events page

5. Tell us about a couple of the books you have written.

Sure. In 2008, I published Overcome Writer’s Block: 10 Sparks to Ignite Your Creativity to bring right- and left-brain techniques to writers who were stuck. Since I always like a myriad of exercises to get me going, I knew other writers would appreciate the same. My approach is practical and fun. Writers tell me the exercises get them writing! Music to my ears!

In 2009, I published The Writer’s Adventure Guide: 12 Stages to Writing Your Book. Inspired by Joseph Campbell’s work on the Hero’s Journey, and informed by my own experience writing fiction [I’m working on a young adult fantasy series], this book is primarily for fiction authors to help them travel the inner landscape of writing a book. If you’re curious to learn more, I offer a free report at so you can see for yourself how the Writer’s Adventure Guide method works for you.

Thanks Jon for the opportunity to interview with you!

Bio: Who Beth Barany works with are aspiring authors. She helps them actually get their books written, marketed and out in the world. If you’re curious, schedule a complimentary session here:

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  1. Tom Marcoux says:

    Great interview.
    Your enthusiasm flows from your comments.

    Working with graduate students, I find that my belief in them
    energizes their belief in themselves.
    I imagine that your clients also receive such booster shots from you!

    many happy moments,

    Tom Marcoux
    America’s Communication Coach,
    CEO, Tom Marcoux Media, LLC
    blog at
    * Author of books on
    “Be Heard and Be Trusted, 3rd Edition”

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