Write Your Book with the Writer’s Adventure Guide

We are all on an adventure – this thing called “life.” At least that’s what I believe. And for me, writing is an adventure, and adventure spells fun. Some people go white water rafting or jump out of airplanes. I write books. That’s my kind of adventure.

I invite you to look at book writing as an adventure, as play. With experimentation comes joy, and a certain fearlessness that transforms a common adult fear of “Oh no, what will they think!” into a child-like “Oh, what happens if I do this?!”

So, I invite you to come play with me and join in the Writer’s Adventure with me as your Guide.

So, what is the Writer’s Adventure Guide?

It is a course, an e-course, a mastermind group, and seminar, a curriculum, a way of looking at the world, a process, system and methodology. I designed the Writer’s Adventure Guide as my way of figuring out how to write a book that was organic to my life. And now I want to share it with you. Most of all, the Writer’s Adventure Guide is a way of writing your book from the inside out.

The Writer’s Adventure Guide is for you, if:

  • Writing a book is your kind of fun
  • You successfully completed NaNoWriMo, and want the structure to refine your 50,000 word manuscript
  • You have a book in you, you’re ready to do the work to let it out, and you want the support to do so
  • You have multiple ideas half-started for a book and you want help with refining your vision
  • You write fiction or a memoir or creative nonfiction

I’m at Stage 11 of 12 of the Writer’s Adventure: Writing is Rewriting. And boy, it’s hard. Refining a novel, turning it into a compelling story, that’s my challenge right now.

Where can I find out more about the Writer’s Adventure Guide?

Go here to download the FREE report, “12 Stages of the Writer’s Adventure,” and the bonuses! And go here to learn all out the e-course and more…

I’m ready for the year-long commitment to the monthly Mastermind Tele-seminar? What do I do now?

Yeah! So glad you’ll be joining us. Go here for all the details (what, where, when, costs, etc.) and to sign up. The course starts January 27th 2009 and is limited to the first 15 people who sign up AND complete the 200-word Statement of Intent.

I’m local to you and am ready for the year-long Writer’s Adventure Guide Workshop, in Oakland, CA.

Limited to only 8 participants, I’m looking for the brave, the few, those of you who want to meet monthly for the three-hour monthly workshop. We’ll do exercises to help you through the 12 Stages of the Writer’s Adventure and write your book, and we’ll address in a safe environment how to handle the obstacles that come up. Contact Beth to make a reservation today AND complete the 200-word Statement of Intent.

For the inside scoop and advance news on the Writer’s Adventure Guide, sign up as a Fan on our Writer’s Adventure Guide Facebook page. You must be a Facebook member to do become a fan.

Thank you!

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