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When to Stop Writing by Catharine Bramkamp

When writing a book it’s easy to get carried away and want to share all the stories, all the things, but there is a time to stop writing and get ready to release your book into the world. Learn when with author and teacher Catharine Bramkamp.


Thinking Outside the Box

Welcome to our bi-weekly posts from guest columnist, Bobbye Terry. This week she offers fun tips for thinking outside the box. We’re curious to hear your tips too! Share your thoughts with us! Thanks!...

So You Want to Write a Novel 6

So You Want to Write a Novel

O.M.G.* LOL — ROFL** Um. Writers, hold on to your hats… OMG = “Oh my god!” LOL — ROFL = Laugh out loud — Roll on the floor laughing Question: What do you say...