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The Write Stuff by Nevada McPherson

What fuels you to write? Passion? The rage to tell a story at all costs? Those things are certainly key and you can’t do it without them but in this case what fuel do you use to invite the muse?


Sing Your Own Kind of Music–Always by Nevada McPherson

I recently saw the film Florence Foster Jenkins, starring Meryl Streep in the title role. It’s about the New York heiress and socialite who loved music with a passion and supported musical productions with her patronage. She herself also sang—badly. Surrounded by a coterie of friends who complimented her singing and encouraged her, she performed private recitals and developed a devoted cult following.


The Q&A by Nevada McPherson

In my last post I talked about how you should take every opportunity to talk about your work when you get the chance, to see what others have to say and to learn from the questions people ask. Sometimes they catch you off-guard in a way that makes you have to say something from the gut, and it forces a writer to be in the moment, and to be authentic.


Revamped, Revised and Refreshed by Nevada McPherson

How are your writing resolutions going so far? Have you been meeting your writing goals? I’ve been working at it and succeeding to a certain extent but according to astrologers the planet Mercury has been retrograde since early January, scrambling communication, causing glitches in technology, delays for travelers and generally making it an uphill battle to get into an organized, efficient routine for making good on all those New Year’s resolutions.


When the Muse Sings by Nevada McPherson

In my last post I talked about setting creative goals for the year and working toward them by taking action steps, no matter how small, every day. Being consistent, diligent and dedicated are important but there’s another component of creativity that’s out of one’s control: the muse.


Ready to Roar! By Nevada McPherson

If you could give yourself a present for the holidays that would improve your life, your art and your relationships with others, what would it be? For me it would the gift of confidence! Having confidence in yourself as a writer and as an artist is crucial to your success and to your very survival in what can often seem to be an indifferent world. To have confidence in yourself is to appreciate and treasure your uniqueness and singular point of view that no one else in the world has.