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Finding the Perfect Place to Write – a Field Guide to Procrastination by Catharine Bramkamp

From wanting to know if James Patterson uses a special pen to wondering what kind of perfect program Jon Green has loaded into his computer, we think that if only the specific talisman for good writing is identified, then purchased, possession will make us instantly famous. Except no matter what kind of special pen you own, you still must use it.


Where To Get Started with Your Writing? by Micheal O’Flaherty

Where to get started? You believe you can write; you know you can write; maybe you’ve been published already? But now you’re stuck. Where do you turn to for that flash of inspiration, that idea that will let loose the torrent of words that you know is ready to flow from you?


CRAFT: A Good Book is in the Details

As I stated in yesterday’s post, many of us read to escape. As authors it’s our job to provide that escape to our readers. Many authors get caught up in telling the reader about an experience. But actually what creates the experience of escape is allowing us to feel the story.

So You Want to Write a Novel 6

So You Want to Write a Novel

O.M.G.* LOL — ROFL** Um. Writers, hold on to your hats… OMG = “Oh my god!” LOL — ROFL = Laugh out loud — Roll on the floor laughing Question: What do you say...